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iFreeTools Creator is built from the
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Intelligent Defaults

Auto-generated Forms
Just define your data model and have your forms automatically generated based on access privileges.
Auto-generated Calendar Views
If your database has date or date-time fields, iFreeTools will automatically provide calendar views based on those fields.
Auto-generated List Views
View your data in automatically generated tabulated listing view, with options for quick search, sorting and instant details.
Automated Audits
All database changes are automatically tracked via Audits, so that you can trust your users to make changes to your database and verify when required.
Auto-generated Chart Views
iFreeTools automatically finds fields which are capable of being used in charts and makes them available by default.
More Intelligent Defaults..
Let us know how we can make things easier for you.

Built-in integrations with Google services

Out-of-the-box integration with Google Contacts
If your database table has an email field, iFreeTools will provide options to easily map the fields with Google Contacts enabling importing-from or uploading-to Google Contacts.
Out-of-the-box integration with Google Docs
You can attach files from Google Docs to any database record within iFreeTools.
Out-of-the-box integration with Google Maps
iFreeTools enables you to mark geographic locations using Google Maps and to search for records based on proximity to a given record or location.
Built from the ground up for Google App Engine
iFreeTools is designed and built for exclusive hosting on Google App Engine.
Integrates with Google Apps for your domain
iFreeTools can to be mapped on to your own sub-domain (http://db.yourdomain.com) from within your Google Apps dashboard.
Coming soon..
More integrations with Google services.

Easy Customizations & Configurations

Filter records with Custom Views
You can specify filtering criteria to create Custom Views to view the required data alone. You can use age-based ("This Week", "Next Week") and user-based (My Records) filtering too.
Extensive choice of Data-Types
Apart from the usual Texts, Numbers and Date/Time fields, iFreeTools also supports Images, Geo-Points, Formulas and Lists, while also handling Email, Skype names, Phone numbers and Web-links.
Create single-click Custom Actions
Automate your most common database changes by creating Custom Actions which when clicked will make the required changes to the selected records.
Control access using Auth Profiles
Define authorization profiles and associate it to users to enable fine-grained access control to your database.


iFreeTools Creator works best in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.